IowaLUG members Chris, Scott, and Ryan and his boys hung out at SCI today sharing a sneak peak at our winter landscape project. Not much about this build has been announced by us as of yet but we're excited to show off our latest efforts.

A few months ago Science Center of Iowa (SCI) reached out to us and asked if we could come up with a display for their Spirit of the Season event. The event, sponsored by Nationwide Insurance, runs from Thanksgiving to New Years and includes a number of displays and activities at SCI throughout December. The request was simple enough "something with a train, perhaps a winter scene?" "Sure!" we replied.

Today, we spent 3 hours down at the Science Center sharing the project in it's rough not-yet-completed state with any of visitors who came by. We also set out a, always popular, play brick table along side our winter landscape display as well as our feature building activity, a micro train, that could be taken home.

The few hours flew by as they typically do when you're having fun. The micro train was pretty popular and we saw a number of customized and upgrade creations throughout the time. We enjoyed a number of wide-eyed kids, and a few adults, that came by and looked over the train layout. We were pleased to receive a number of questions and interest in what the project was and when it would be completed for display. It was fun to have had this chance to show it in this partially completed state, because those guests that did ask questions were asking more about the process, if it was from scratch or elaborate plans, and how much effort has been put in so far.

The completed layout with 5 car train, brick built trees, frozen pond and stream, a snow topped mountain with tunnel, and Santa's Workshop will be back on display at the Science Center of Iowa on November 29th and will remain on display through December, and very likely through January as well. Stop down to SCI and take a look! If you do and happen to snap a picture, post it on Facebook and tag our group so we can say thank you!

Check out these additional images: