While searching the web for LEGO building ideas I discovered a fun building contest: Alphabet Fighters over at FBTB.net a community site for all things LEGO Star Wars.

From Bricks to Bothans (FBTB) is a LEGO Star Wars community and they ran this contest in 2013 which has contestants build an alphabet-letter shaped star fighter over 5 days, a new letter is tackled each week. The creation must hold a self-made LEGO mini-figure (pilot), with optional backstories, and then these fighters go head to head with fans voting on design, display, and their overall "wow" factor.

Straight from their rules...

The Challenge:
You will be building a series of letter-based star fighters to compete head to head in true tournament style. That’s right. Not just one ship, multiple star fighters. Each is to be a small one man fighter with an enclosed cockpit. Astromechs optional. The letter must be plainly apparent from at least one view.

For the November IowaLUG Meet Up, we modeled a building activity around this contest and invited our guests to participate.

The letter D is the challenge for December 15th's Meet Up.
Build your Alphabet Fighter at home and bring it along on the 15th to share it!

Our building activity:

Having only 40 minutes to secure random parts from our parts tub, each builder was to create a fighter in the shape of the letter E. No voting was conducted as this was a free build challenge. There was no shortage in variety or creativity, we even had one builder who built his fighter using mainly red and white pieces much to Scott's delight (It's a Danish thing).

Check out these additional images: