The November SCI $5 Family Night featured all things LEGO! The long awaited return of the LEGO SCI Model for public display was a great reason to get a bunch of fans of LEGO together, so in conjunction with the Family Night, the IowaLUG did a little show.

The evening activities included:

  • Viewing the ~75,000 piece LEGO SCI Model built by Chris and Scott
  • An free-build station with approximately 10,000 LEGO bricks.
  • My Own Creation (MOC) displays by members of the IowaLUG community and the public!
  • A LEGO Set prize drawing for two lucky guests!

Many things warrant a mention from that evening however if we were to highlight just a few, from our perspective, they would be . . .

First, the public creations brought in by visitors to the Science Center that evening. We provided two LEGO sets for a prize drawing, and invited the public to bring a creation from home, and doing so would enter them into the drawing. We really enjoyed seeing the variety and creativity of the creations brought in to share! We sincerely thank each builder, and their parents in many cases, for participating and bringing your builds from home.

Second, the MOCs displayed have to be mentioned. As one of our first real 'shows' as a LUG ... we had some fantastic creations on display. Matt's monochromatic mosaics of Jazz musicians, Ethan's Iowa State Fair diorama; not to mention it was his first MOC he got to share at a LEGO fan event! Brandon's, "Identity Crisis." Good job builders!

Last but not least is the fun that was had by everyone involved. I know the IowaLUG members enjoyed the opportunity and venue to share their hobby. I believe the visitors were very engaged and enjoyed the displays and free-build table in addition to all of the SCI exhibits. We also received very positive feedback from the SCI staff on the event, the turn out, and the very likely possibility you'll see IowaLUG doing this again in 2014!

Check out these additional images: